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designed for manufacturing burr-less holes.


Step Bits are the tooling of choice for a wide variety of manufacturing applications. Step Bits can drill large, burr free holes in materials such as stainless steel sheet, aluminum sheet, plastic, and more.

Step Bits excel at drilling through multiple material parts such as steel covered wood doors and plastic coated aluminum sheet. Sheet metal and tubing are great applications for a stepbit as well as thin extrusions and thin castings.

No other tool can drill large,burr free holes in sheet metal and tubing as well as a Step Bit. Even in stainless steel tubing a Step Bit can drill up to 1500-2000 holes. Secondary hole finishing and deburring operations can usually be eliminated by using a Step Bit. We can customize a bit to your application or select a bit from our existing designs. Step Bits are also available in standard sizes from 1/2" to 1-3/8" and in many metric sizes.

We also can provide a turnkey drilling machine including fixturing. From coolant pump to electrical prints we build a complete system. We build to your specifications or we can provide our standard equipment.

Our fixture designs are based on your manufacturing process. We make sure we understand how assembly and gaging of your part will be affected by our fixturing. Safety and ergonomics are always an integral part of our designs.

The most popular application for Step Bits is automotive exhaust tubing. Our Step Bits solved the problem of placing oxygen sensors after a bend, far from an end, or any place that will not allow for a punch press mandrel. By combining our drilling machines and our Step Bits we can produce burr free holes in any exhaust component, regardless of the placement of the hole. Since the Step Bits we provide to our customers are custom sized to their parts, the fit up of the hole and its mating part is very repeatable. Improved fit up means less leaks and better results when used with automatic welding.

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